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Over One Thousand Perennials potted in the last few days, and hundreds more to go!

Winter may be on the way, but we are very busy gearing up for spring at the nursery with new varieties of native perennials placed into pots to get ready for new homes next year! We have some great new varieties, and these are plants that you will not be able to find at a Big Box store. Not only are these plants a beautiful addition to your yard, but they are all pollinator friendly, pesticide and herbicide free, and they actually help heal our earth!

We will have new varieties of perennials to choose from this year with something for every planting environment in your yard - no green thumb required.

New sustainable and organic mulch products being added to all our the nursery pots!

You may notice that the mulch in the pots that are pictured looks a bit different. This is actually rice hulls, a byproduct of the food industry that would normally be wasted. The rice hulls protect against weeds, help reduce the amount of water the plants need, and add nutrients to the soil. These hulls are organic, and because they break down over a season or so, they add more nutrients to the soil as they decompose. When you take your plants home just pour the rice hull right into the planting hole or pot, and these will offer great drainage and nutrition to the plant.

Unique plants for our unique and rare wildlife will be available!

Some of our most beautiful butterflies are disappearing because they do not have the host food sources that they need. One of these is the beautiful Baltimore Checkerspot, which must have the Chelone (Turtlehead) plant to host and raise young. We had a few of these plants last year and sold out very quickly. We are pleased that we will have more available this year in both the pink and white variety.

Baltimore Checkerspot Butterfly


Keep watching for updates on the many great new things coming next year. We can't wait for spring!

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