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Sunshine, good soil, and plants to heal the earth make for happy days!

Potting up the beautful Sweet Bay Magnolia - one of our new native plant offerings for 2020.

There is just something about a beautiful sunny day and working in the plants that doesn't make it seem like work at all! We have really been enjoying the great weather, and we have repotted over 300 plants to get ready for new homes this spring, including several varieties of hydrangeas and azaleas (both native and non-native), native holly, Fringetree (aslo know as Grancy Graybeard) and many more! We still have many more to go with new ones arriving soon. It is a great feeling to know that these plants will not only add beauty to any space, but they will also help our pollinators and help us do our part to heal the earth.

Two beautiful Huechera varieties just arrived today that are perfect for your garden - Georgia Peach and Georgia Plum.

The foliage on these Heuchera plants is just stunning, but the real show starts in early summer with beautiful spikes of dainty flowers that hummingbirds just love. These grow beautifully in containers, or they may an excellent ground cover for partial shade areas. We will also have available Heuchera Americana, which is alum root. Although we cannot give medical advice, this plant has traditionally been used by Native Americans medicinally as a styptic, an antiseptic, and other medicinal uses.

Georgia Peach Heuchera

Georgia Plum Heuchera

We are only 71 short days away from spring, and we are looking forward to a great season with many new things to offer. Keep watching for updates to see what is new at the nursery for 2020.

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